Road Web, Installation

© Elísabet Hugrún Georgsdóttir

Road Web, Installation

Poems can almost only be found in books but I wanted to put poems into the environment. I thought it would be great to be able to read poems or wises when you are waiting to cross a street.


On one side of the street there is The University of Iceland and The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies and on the other side there is a neighbourhood where many of my friends live. Therefore I thought this poem from Hávamál (a collection of Old Norse poems from the Viking age) was very fitting because of its origin, and because it is about friendship and the relativity of distance.


The web is made from wool that reminds me of sheep wool that gets stuck in barbed wire fences in the countryside. I thought that the wool was a fitting material for such an old poem because since the first settlers in Iceland brought sheep with them, the same type of sheep as we have today.



Afhvarf mikið

er til ills vinar

þótt á brautu búi.

En til góðs vinar

liggja gagnvegir

þótt hann sé firr farinn.


To a false friend the footpath winds

though his house be on the highway.

To a sure friend there is a short cut,

though he live a long way off.

Spring 2009.